The color can reflect the image of the entire brand

Update: 2021/04/15

Make-up should represent the forefront of fashion. Beca […]

Make-up should represent the forefront of fashion. Because of this, the outer packaging of make-up products also reflects the atmosphere of fashion everywhere. As the business card of cosmetics, packaging design can influence consumers' impression of products from the beginning, and play a pivotal role in the process of products gaining consumer recognition. They use colorful and elegant colors, simple and elegant shapes, and practical and popular materials to highlight their different tastes.

The care and promotion of cosmetics packaging have given all women the double enjoyment of vision and use. Many people are attracted to make-up because of the packaging. After purchasing, they discover the good quality of the product and then become loyal supporters. The author believes that if packaging can be turned into a brand of art, its R&D staff will really care about our faces.

The importance of makeup packaging

Color, the silent sign of cosmetics

As the "coat" of the product, packaging must not only have the function of holding and protecting the product, but also have the ability to attract purchases and guide consumption. Among the many factors in modern commodity packaging design, color, as a visual design factor that conveys emotions and expresses the characteristics of commodities, is the most attractive and infectious, and it is an irreplaceable way of conveying information. For example: mid-tone colors are suitable for cosmetic packaging design. This color design will make people feel noble, elegant, rich, and high-quality. Experts always believe that for cosmetics companies, the color of the packaging is a very important part if they want to win surprisingly between bottles and cans. The color can reflect the image of the entire brand, helping consumers to see it at a glance on the dazzling shelves.

Fashionistas usually approach the cosmetics counter, and they know that they are lipsticks when they see the black round tubes, they know that they are nail polish when they see the colorful small glass bottles; they know they are liquid foundation when they see the milky white scrub bottle... , There are still a lot of color knowledge in the beauty industry. Different colors have formed an established product concept that implied consumers' hearts.

Brilliant colors can not only directly stimulate the senses of consumers, but the unique shape can also reflect the brand's taste incisively and vividly. Approaching the cosmetics counter, it is not difficult to find that there are many novel packaging designs for lip gloss alone.

Under the premise of paying attention to product functional protection and convenience for consumers, a good packaging design usually also plays a role in enhancing brand value invisibly. After China joined the WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy for enterprises in international competition. Brand development and brand innovation have also received increasing attention from domestic enterprises. Chinese national enterprises, Yuyao Longzhuang Plastic Co., Ltd, are constantly exploring and seeking development through innovation.