Cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to increase their value

Update: 2021/04/23

Cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to incr […]

Cosmetics need high-quality packaging materials to increase their value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging, and glass, plastic, and metal are the main cosmetic packaging container materials currently used. With the increasing influence of international first-line brands in the domestic cosmetics market, domestic cosmetics have also begun to increase cost investment in packaging, and the use of glass and acrylic packaging has become popular.

"Continuous development of new materials and new processing technologies, and the pursuit of new shapes have always been the focus of the industry in the development of cosmetic packaging containers." said a technical engineer who has long been engaged in material packaging research. Only limited to glass bottles and plastic bottles, the application of new materials has become a way for the cosmetics industry to launch new products and improve existing products, with only one purpose-to compete for every hesitant customer."

In addition, the glossiness of the packaging is also the main research and development direction of the manufacturer. The manufacturer hopes to have more choices in the brightness of the modeling surface, including light change effects, phosphorescent ink, fluorescent enamel, antique metal or translucent visual effects. , Silky or rough feeling.

In today's vastly abundant material, if you do not change or innovate, you will be eliminated.

Consumers have different shopping psychology and functions due to differences in age, gender, occupation, culture, and economic level. For example, mature consumers, working class, housewives, and people with low income are mostly realistic; young people, intellectuals, and better-off people are mostly beauty-seeking; white-collar workers and extroverts tend to be "excellent." Therefore, cosmetics companies should choose different packaging design strategies according to different consumer groups and price points. It is the same lipstick. When you see Guerlain, you may feel its luxurious and fashionable atmosphere; when you see Estee Lauder, you may think of the calm, intelligent, and elegant golden-collar beauty; when you see Anna Sui, your mind may think Vocabulary such as rock, gorgeous, retro and other words emerged; when you see Maybelline, you will think of affordable, high-quality, youthful...the fine packaging of cosmetics silently locates different consumer groups.

Every series of cosmetics has a specific consumer group, and not every product is suitable for women of any age and any profession. If the product highlights the simple, fashionable, elegant and natural brand style in the packaging design, it will not be packaged too gorgeously, which will make female consumers feel that they will not be too expensive because of the high price, and will make consumers feel very convenient to use , Can reflect the personality and characteristics of consumer groups as much as possible.