Why environmental protection has become a trend in the cosmetic packaging industry

Update: 2021/03/26

Environmental protection in the cosmetics packaging ind […]

Environmental protection in the cosmetics packaging industry is a trend. Recently, in department stores, we saw that the concepts of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection have entered the cosmetics industry. The ingredients are more pure and do not contain preservatives, fragrances and other additives. It has become the largest brand of cosmetics and other products. Selling point. In addition, the small-volume packaging of brand-name cosmetics and the use of brand-new aseptic cabin technology for brand-name cosmetics make it no longer a concern for consumers how to better preserve preservative-free cosmetics.

It is understood that preservatives are common ingredients in many cosmetics, and their main purpose is to prevent the active ingredients of cosmetics from deteriorating during use. Although many cosmetics have gradually abandoned traditional preservatives, the main purpose of introducing ingredients such as ethanol and essential oils is still for preservatives. These ingredients, including fragrances, often become the enemy of sensitive skin.

A few days ago, some brand cosmetics launched a series that uses aseptic cabin technology-brand cosmetics soothing special care series. It is reported that the use of aseptic cabin technology allows consumers to use tube-packaged aseptic skin care products without adding any preservatives, and to keep skin care products aseptic during the entire period of use to avoid bacterial contamination. The brand color cosmetics continue to introduce small-volume packaging cosmetics, so that consumers can quickly use them in a short period of time, thereby avoiding the deterioration of products that do not contain preservatives.

In addition, many cosmetics are more streamlined in the selection of ingredients to minimize troubles to sensitive skin. For example, the brand makeup soothing special care series does not contain any surfactants and the ingredients are very streamlined. Its facial cleanser contains only 6 ingredients. The cream also contains only 9 ingredients.

Experts remind that at the turn of spring and summer is the time when skin sensitivity is high. When consumers choose cosmetics, they can first apply on the back of the ear or on the inner side of the elbow, and apply it twice a day for a week. This can be effective Avoid skin sensitivity when changing cosmetics.