What are the contents of cosmetic packaging quality testing

Update: 2021/03/05

As today’s fashionable consumer products, cosmetics not […]

As today’s fashionable consumer products, cosmetics not only require exquisite packaging, but also require the best protection for the product during the transportation link or shelf life. Combining the needs of cosmetic packaging testing and application, the testing items and testing methods are summarized, in order to help cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetics packaging supply companies in packaging testing and quality control.

Cosmetic transportation packaging inspection

For cosmetics to reach consumers in good condition after transportation, shelf display, etc., good transportation packaging is required. At present, the transportation and packaging of cosmetics are mainly corrugated boxes, and the main testing indicators are the compressive strength and stacking test of the cartons.

1. Carton compression strength test.

2. Carton stacking test

The cartons need to be stacked during storage and transportation. The cartons on the lowest layer have to withstand the pressure of multiple cartons at the top. In order not to collapse, they must have appropriate compressive strength after stacking. Therefore, stacking and maximum compression are required. The dual-item detection of collapse is very important.

Quality inspection of cosmetic packaging and printing

Cosmetics have good visual aesthetics and are all exquisitely printed, which is more important for the inspection of their printing quality. At present, the routine items of cosmetics printing quality inspection are the abrasion resistance (anti-scratch performance) of the printing ink layer, the adhesion fastness inspection, and the color discrimination.

People usually observe colors in sunlight, so the delicate color discrimination work in industrial production requires the lighting source to have a spectral power distribution similar to real sunlight, that is, the D65 standard light source specified in CIE. However, in the color matching process, there is a very special phenomenon: the sample and the sample will appear the same color under the first light source, but there will be a color difference under another light source, the so-called metamerism phenomenon, so choose the standard The light source box must have dual light sources.