What are the contents of barrier performance testing of cosmetics packaging

Update: 2021/03/11

Barrier performance testing of cosmetic packaging The b […]

Barrier performance testing of cosmetic packaging

The barrier performance of packaging is one of the important testing items for cosmetic packaging. Barrier property refers to the barrier effect of packaging materials on permeates such as gas and liquid. Barrier property is an important factor that affects the quality of the product during the shelf life.

Unsaturated bonds in cosmetic ingredients can easily cause rancidity and deterioration due to oxidation, and the loss of moisture can easily dry and harden the cosmetics. At the same time, the maintenance of the aromatic odor in the cosmetics also plays a vital role in the sales of cosmetics. Barrier performance testing includes the permeability of cosmetic packaging to oxygen, water vapor, and aromatic gases.

1. Oxygen transmission rate detection. This indicator is mainly for the detection of oxygen transmission rate of films, composite films and cosmetic packaging bags or bottles used in cosmetic packaging.

2. Water vapor transmission rate detection, mainly used for the determination of water vapor transmission rate of cosmetic packaging film materials and packaging containers such as bottles, bags, cans, etc. Through the determination of the water vapor transmission rate, the technical indicators of the control and adjustment of packaging materials and other products can be achieved to meet the different needs of product applications.

3. Fragrance retention performance test. This indicator is very important for cosmetics. Once the fragrance of cosmetics is lost or changed, it will affect the sales of the product.