Common cosmetic pump head features

Update: 2020/08/08

Hand sanitizer bottles are almost full of all aspects o […]

Hand sanitizer bottles are almost full of all aspects of our lives, and the cosmetic packaging we produce is only a small part of it. But to meet its special requirements for transparency, color, safety, and air tightness, foam pumps are not a simple matter. In addition to studying the structure design and manufacturing process of the product, the formulation design of the product is also a very important aspect. Take the pump heads we produce, although they are called PE pump heads, they are not made of pure PE resin. Some blends and additives such as PP and color masterbatches are added to the resin. Modification, because the pure use of PE resin cannot meet our product requirements, the pump head manufacturer, and the process of finding some additives and addition amounts that can modify the resin is called "formulation design"

Features of PET foam pump head

1. The heat distortion temperature and long-term use temperature are the highest/highest among thermoplastic general engineering plastics;

2. Because of its high heat resistance, the reinforced PET is immersed in a solder bath at 250°C for 10 seconds, and it hardly deforms or discolors. It is especially suitable for the preparation of electronic and electrical parts for soldering;

3. The bending strength is 200MPa, the elastic modulus is 4000MPa, the creep resistance and fatigue resistance are also very good, the surface hardness is high, and the mechanical properties are similar to those of thermoset plastics;

Features of Longzhuang lotion pump head

Quality description:

1. After being assembled with a bottle filled with water, prevent liquid leakage

2. Good airtightness, uniform spray volume, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, and safety in compliance with quality standards.

3. The product is pumped smoothly and discharged quickly, just once.

4. Good sealing and no water leakage

5. Even spray volume and good effect

Product advantages:

1. Delivery on time

2. Free samples to provide customers with production test

3. Our company accepts new product customization

4. Accept supporting business, our company is willing to cooperate with various bottle factories to engage in supporting business or OEM production

5. Inventory: regular color