Chinese Cosmetic Packaging And Labeling Law

Update: 2021/10/14

  China cosmetic packaging is considered to be a part o […]


China cosmetic packaging is considered to be a part of the immense Chinese manufacturing industry. This state produces high quality and advanced cosmetic packaging, medicines and household products. Some of the most commonly used chemicals in cosmetic packaging are polyethylene, phenol, cresyl or dibutyl phthalate (DBP), phthalates (DBP), trihalomethane (THM) and trimethoprim. Other cosmetic packaging components include resins and additives. All these chemicals can have adverse effects on the health of the consumers and therefore it is very important that the cosmetic packaging is manufactured in the safest possible manner.

Most of the chemicals that are often used in the production of cosmetic packaging are known to be carcinogenic in nature. Thus when the chemicals are used in an unsupervised manner, they can create harmful effects on the human body. The Chinese authorities strictly monitor all the manufacturing processes to avoid such harmful effects and henceforth they strictly regulate all the chemical related activities to ensure that there are no chances of harmful effects on the consumers and the end users.

To make sure that the chemicals used are of the best quality and do not have any adverse effect, the quality testing of the cosmetic packaging is carried out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Chinese government enacts many additional requirements for the cosmetic packaging before it is released into the market. One such requirement is the use of biodegradable packaging materials. Thus it is important that the final product is not made up of materials that will take a long time to be decomposed. It is also important that the contents of the product do not contain any dangerous heavy metals. In addition, all the biodegradable materials should be approved by the Chinese government before being released into the market.

A few years back, the United States passed a law that imposed severe penalties for the Chinese manufacturers who did not comply with the safety standards and the implementation of the various laws related to cosmetic packaging and their content. At present, there is still no effective law to fight against this situation. It is important that one follows the Chinese cosmetic packaging and labeling law to prevent any misunderstanding at the time of buying the product.

The other requirement of the Chinese cosmetic packaging and labeling law is that the final product should not have any interlocked plastic materials. The two types of materials that are required in this case are the PVC lining and the clear polyester. While the use of these materials should be minimal, it is important to note that both these materials are interlocked when the package is being produced. This causes great problems at a later stage because the consumer cannot identify which part of the packard is the part of the packing material and which is the packing material. Hence it is important that these two cosmetic packaging is complied with at all times during production.

Today, there are many online sources where one can get information about the Chinese cosmetic packaging. One can visit the website to view the information of different types of China cosmetic packaging. There are also some brochures that are available on these websites that gives information on the different types of products and the requirements related to the production of these products. These brochures help us understand what the law states regarding the production and the packaging of these products.