What's Inside Lotion Dispenser Pumps?

Update: 2022/06/23

  The interior of lotion dispenser pumps may differ dep […]


The interior of lotion dispenser pumps may differ depending on their design and size. Some may have additional components to help with product flow while others feature a metal-free pathway to prevent product contact with the pump's metal spring. This type of design is best suited for bulk orders and maintains the overall cost of the product. Here are some of the most popular features of lotion dispenser pumps. Let's take a look at each one. Which one should you choose?

The closure of a lotion pump is made from plastic and may have a smooth or ribbed side surface. A shiny metal overshell is also available. A gasket inside the pump prevents leaks from the product, and may be made from a variety of materials. In general, the pump's gasket is made from plastic or metal, depending on the type of product it's made of. In addition, some lotion dispenser pumps have a locking mechanism so you can't accidentally remove the bottle from the wall.

The main advantage of a pump-based dispenser is that it's non-pickable. The pump's housing allows air to flow into the bottle, creating pressure to dispense the product. Additionally, lotion dispenser pumps do not clog up like non-lotion dispensers do. Instead, they work because the pump's housing allows air to flow freely, keeping the product from drying out. So, while you might not be fond of this type of dispenser, it's definitely worth considering.