What are the packaging marketing strategies of cosmetics companies

Update: 2021/05/14

One is series packaging. The same products or brands pr […]

One is series packaging. The same products or brands produced by the company use the same patterns and colors to remind customers that this is the family of the brand. This packaging method is very common at present. For example, in order to reflect the theme of returning to nature, the biochemical plant series produced by a cosmetics company uses light green packaging, including light green frosted glass bottles and hoses of the same color, giving people a fresh visual effect.

The second is combined packaging. That is, products for related purposes are concentrated in a large box or bag and sold at the same time. For example, many functional product packages include cleansing milk, massage cream, facial mask, nutrient water, nutrient cream, etc. The advantage of this is that it is convenient for customers to purchase, and it is also more affordable than buying a single product.

The third is multi-purpose packaging. That is, after the product is used up, its packaging does not need to be discarded and used for other purposes. For example, several toothbrushes are placed on the toothbrush holder, the soap is placed in the soap box, and the toothbrush holder and soap box can be reused. At present, there are more commonly used gift packaging, soliciting packaging, positioning packaging and so on.

The fourth is the diversification of cosmetic packaging bottles. Nowadays, the inner and outer packaging of perfume is becoming more and more exquisite. The domestic perfume packaging has changed from the previous situation of awkward glass bottle packaging, and a large number of alloy small bottles and durable nozzles are used. The packaging design of men's perfume bottles mostly adopts the combination of square and circle, and sandblasting surface treatment, which fully expresses the men's fortitude, ruggedness, solemnity and gentleness. In particular, many high-end perfumes, glass bottles or alloy packaging are very particular, like a small and exquisite artwork, with a variety of styles and various three-dimensional patterns formed on the surface of the bottle, which is very beautiful.