The Lotion Pump Factory

Update: 2022/09/13

The lotion pump has several features that make it uniqu […]

The lotion pump has several features that make it unique from other types of bottles. For one, it has a ribbed or smooth side surface, and a pump actuator. The latter is typically made of a durable plastic called polypropylene. The pump is also equipped with a sprayer and a closure. The sprayer is comprised of several small parts and is assembled inside a housing. When the user presses the actuator, liquid is forced into the bottle.

The parts of a lotion pump are manufactured in a molding machine and passed to an assembly line machine for final assembly. These machines require very little human supervision and help in the creation of uniformly shaped lotion pumps. The factory is also equipped with other machines such as plastic color mixers and raw material collection bins. Each machine works in a systematic manner to produce a good-looking lotion pump. Various models of lotion pumps are available.

The housing is designed to hold the pump components. The pump housing serves as a transfer chamber and sends the product from the dip tube to the actuator. The housing is usually made of plastic, and the output of a lotion pump can vary greatly. A glass bottle, for example, may not fit into the pump housing because of its thicker side walls. The pump housing is also available with a variety of options for the dispensing system.

Depending on the type of lotion pump, the length of the dip tube is also important. It must be the same length as the neck of the bottle. A dip tube with a shorter length than the neck will result in a reduced lotion amount. The length of the dip tube is also important because it must be able to reach the bottom of the bottle. There are different sizes for the dip tube, so the length of the dip tube will vary.

The neck height of a lotion pump is measured in SPI or GPI thread finishes. Typically, 400 thread turns are equivalent to one full turn, while four hundred and fifteen thread turns are equivalent to two full turns. Different lotion pumps have different heights and neck sizes. To measure the height of the neck, a scale is used to weigh lotion bottles and dispensers. Once the thread has passed itself three times, it is rounded to the desired measurement.

The pump can be made of various plastic materials. The actuator, or pump mechanism, is the main component, which dispenses the desired amount of lotion. They can be made in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They can be customized to suit the needs of the customer. The actuator is usually made of polypropylene plastic. The pump is an excellent way to dispense viscous liquids. These pumps are easy to use and are inexpensive.