Lotion Dispenser Pumps

Update: 2022/08/08

There are several different types of lotion dispenser p […]

There are several different types of lotion dispenser pumps. Different types dispense different amounts of product. Some dispense a single pumpful, while others dispense two or three pumpsful. Some lotion dispenser pumps feature additional components to facilitate product flow. Some pumps feature metal-free pathways that prevent product contact with the metal spring. Read on to learn about the different types of pump and how they differ. Then, find the right lotion dispenser pump for your needs!

The most common type of lotion dispenser pump dispenses a specific amount. Each pump produces about two cc of product every time the actuator is pressed. Some pumps are even designed to dispense other products. Unlike other lotion dispenser pumps, lotion pumps do not clog. The pump housing allows for air flow, creating pressure in the bottle, without drying out the liquid. Therefore, they are perfect for a variety of different types of products.

The plastic lotion pump is the most common type of pump used for dispensing viscous products. The pump dispenses a specific amount of product, according to the type of product. The pump comes in various sizes and shapes, but they all follow the same principle. Packaging Crash Course disassembles a plastic pump to see how it works. There are several components that make up a lotion dispenser pump. One is the pump itself.

Another type of lotion dispenser pump is the soap bottle pump. It's important to note that not every pump that you see in a soap bottle is also a lotion pump. The key is to select a pump that works for your product. There are also pump versions designed for antibacterial foams and hand creams. A lotion pump is a great option if you're planning to use a variety of different liquids and want control over their application.