How to highlight individuality and innovation in cosmetic packaging

Update: 2021/04/09

From the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from g […]

From the mass market to high-end shopping malls, from glass bottles to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketers are paying more and more attention to innovation and unconventional packaging. Out of strong competition for the attention of end consumers, many packaging suppliers believe that product design has become more important than ever.

Every time you buy cosmetics, salespersons often recommend products with more delicate packaging. The packaging of these products also increases consumers' trust in the products. Therefore, for the cosmetics industry, good packaging will also bring a good sales share! The most intuitive performance of packaging is often whether the printed label is clear; whether the bottle is exquisite; whether the design is unique.

In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technology, the development of packaging has gradually highlighted the characteristics of personalized display and innovation, the introduction and application of new technologies and processes, and the development and substitution of new environmentally friendly materials. Safe and convenient packaging will be more popular. Welcome to the market.

As a fashionable consumer product, cosmetics require high-quality packaging materials to increase its value. At present, almost all kinds of materials are used in cosmetic packaging. Glass, plastic, and metal are the main cosmetic packaging container materials currently used, and cartons are often used as outer packaging for cosmetics.

Ordinary cosmetics and detergent packaging containers are mostly made of high-density polyethylene. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products, the materials used for plastic bottles are becoming more abundant.

Since transparent containers allow consumers to see the contents clearly, consumers have more and more requirements for transparent containers, and transparent polypropylene is the main material to meet this requirement. The development of pp transparent packaging bottles has been domestic in recent years. A hot spot in the outer plastic packaging. Highly transparent polypropylene containers have good transparency and gloss, and are highly appreciated and popular.

The application of in-mold labeling technology has improved the quality of packaging. In-mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite some time. The production of in-mold labels and the production and application of in-mold labeling machines have been very mature. It is a form of full label packaging that is different from traditional label packaging. Traditional label packaging forms mainly include heat shrink label packaging, self-adhesive label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging. Compared with traditional label packaging forms, the advantages of in-mold labeling are:

1. Play an anti-counterfeiting role,

2.Improve the product grade, the label color is more bright, the hand feels smooth,

3.Simplify the production process and greatly improve the production efficiency.

4.In-mold labeling products have strong practicability, low loss, will not warp the label, damage, and have waterproof, oil-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and friction resistance. The label is due to the product It can be recycled at the same time, which simplifies the regeneration process and takes into account environmental protection. At present, more and more cosmetics and detergent manufacturers in China choose in-mold labelled plastic bottles to package their products.