How to design your own cosmetic packaging

Update: 2021/05/26

1. Differentiation strategy of cosmetic appearance The […]

1. Differentiation strategy of cosmetic appearance

The product appearance differentiation strategy is to look for differences in product packaging appearance and packaging structure design, so as to highlight the characteristics of its own products. For example, there are hundreds of packaging structure designs for carton boxes. How to choose which structure to highlight the characteristics of the product and the strong visual impact? Whether to choose a triangle as the basic plane, or a quadrangular or pentagonal shape, or a trapezoid, cylindrical shape, or arc Type or heterosexual wait until it is the basic plane. When choosing the appearance of a product, one is to consider the protection function of the product, and the other is to consider its convenient functions. Of course, it also includes the beautification function of the appearance. Successful cosmetic packaging has not only aroused the attention of obvious consumer groups, but also aroused the attention of potential consumer groups, all of which are attributed to the packaging design positioning and brand positioning.

2. Cosmetic price differentiation strategy

Price is the focus of both buyers and sellers of commodities, and it is also an important factor affecting product sales. Scholars believe that: "When it is difficult for ordinary people to correctly evaluate the quality of a product, they often take the low price quotient as a measure of quality. In this case, determining the price will determine the grade of the brand and also affect the evaluation of other characteristics." We summarize the price of the product into a triangle. The sum is not the lowest in this triangle, but a trapezoid in the middle. All this depends on the product's efficacy, characteristics, target consumer groups, and the market positioning of related similar products. The purpose of price positioning is to promote sales and increase profits, because different classes have different consumption levels, and any price has a related consumer group. Higher prices also have corresponding consumer groups. In order to highlight its brand positioning in the product packaging design. Consumers see not only the natural value of the brand owned by the product, but also the spiritual value it owns.

3. Cosmetic brand image strategy

With the continuous development of the economy, any kind of best-selling product will quickly cause a large number of companies to flock to the same market, the identifiable differences between products become more and more blurred, and the difference in product use value becomes more and more insignificant. Companies also blindly emphasize the characteristics of their products and emphasize subtle product differences, which consumers will not recognize. On the contrary, the brand image of products is becoming more and more important. In the brand image strategy: one is to emphasize the brand's trademark or corporate logo as the main body, and the other is to emphasize the serialization of packaging to highlight its branding. Serialized packaging not only uses a unified form, a unified color tone, and a unified image to standardize products with different shapes, different uses, and interrelated products, but it is also a visual extension of the company’s business philosophy to provide information about the products. Value has unprecedented dissemination power. Shaping the brand image of a product is actually the second investment in the product, which is an increase in the added value of the product.