How to choose the outer packaging of cosmetic pump heads

Update: 2021/02/14

How to choose the outer packaging of cosmetic pump head […]

How to choose the outer packaging of cosmetic pump heads

With the development of the times, people have greater requirements for the choice of cosmetics than in the past. The choice of cosmetic packaging is not only in terms of price and performance, but also requires product originality, culture, novelty, etc. The pursuit is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Some consumers even do everything for high cosmetic consumption, just for a feeling of cosmetics, and a good cosmetic packaging design will greatly increase the room for consumers to choose. Consumers usually go through the packaging design of cosmetics to infer the quality of the products inside, so the choice of cosmetic outer packaging is particularly important.

Good cosmetic packaging can greatly increase the added value of products, obtain better sales, and increase profits. Therefore, for the fierce market competition, everyone has a very long-term vision and must guide consumers to consume. Designers must do a thorough market research to accurately position the design and packaging of cosmetic pump heads, improve the level of packaging design, strengthen packaging innovation, and strive to win more consumers in the packaging market. And the most basic function of cosmetic pump head packaging is the same as other commodity packaging, which is convenient for consumers to use and beautify consumers.

How to control the packaging cost of lotion pump head

Reducing packaging weight is beneficial to the environment and corporate profitability. Lightweight is currently a commonly used industrial term to describe the practice of reducing the weight of packaging by using fewer materials to produce packaging. Generally speaking, lotion pump heads, plastic cans, plastic hoses and plastic caps and other types of cosmetic packaging containers are easier to achieve the goal of weight loss.

When a plastic package is successfully reduced in weight, less resin material is needed in the process of injection molding.

Due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight packaging is very beneficial to environmental protection, but this is not its only advantage. Lightweight cosmetic packaging bottles also have many practical advantages, such as effectively reducing material costs.