An Lotion Pump is an efficient device for dispense your favorite lotion or cream

Update: 2022/06/01

  An Airless Lotion Pump is an efficient device for dis […]


An Airless Lotion Pump is an efficient device for dispense your favorite lotion or cream. They deliver the perfect amount of lotion or cream with one squirt. You can use them until you have no more product to dispense. This is great for travel, business trips, or for running a sample business. Whether you're a business owner or a home-based home care enthusiast, an Airless Lotion Pump is the perfect solution for you.

An Airless Lotion Pump features a simple, all-plastic system based on Calmar Rolling Bellow Technology, which prevents the product from coming into contact with air during the pumping process. These pumps are ideal for use with lotions, make-up, and treatment serums. They feature an elegant, white cap made of polypropylene and mixed plastic materials. Using this pumping system will prolong the shelf life of your products and reduce waste.

Another benefit to an Airless Lotion Pump is that it allows you to see the coloration of the product from the outside. This makes it the perfect choice for sensitive products, such as lotions and creams. You won't have to worry about over-dosing since every pump is precise and prevents the product from wastage. An Airless Lotion Pump also prevents air from coming in contact with the liquid, which means you'll get more product out of each bottle.

Another feature of an Airless Lotion Pump is its ability to dispense a specific amount of lotion or cream. A 15-ml bottle has an airless pump mechanism that automatically dispenses the exact amount of lotion or cream needed. These pumps come in several sizes to fit your needs. If you're looking for an economical way to dispense your lotion, consider purchasing a refillable Airless Lotion Pump.

The Airless Pump uses a small disk in the base of the bottle to dispense the product. The disc is pressed upward to press the liquid and disperse it to the desired location. The disk is designed so that it's easy to use and doesn't contaminate the product inside. It also makes the bottle lightweight and more compact compared to a single bottle with an additional pump. The airless pump bottles are also easy to reseal.

An Airless Lotion Pump is an excellent solution for businesses that want a simple solution to dispensing skin care products. Its unique design and full-sealing ability help prevent oxygen from entering the liquid. Moreover, compared to standard lotion pumps, Airless Pumps do not contain dip tubes, meaning oxygen can't reach the product. And because of its airless nature, an Airless Lotion Pump is also environmentally friendly.